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LivItUp Adult Care Programs

Programs fit for each individual

Programs Available:

Livitup, Inc. programs and services are available to 130,000 individuals with disabilities and their families across the Mid-South.

These individuals represent a variety of socio-economic levels, although statistics show that families with a disabled loved one are twice as likely to be living below the poverty line. Furthermore, we work with many agencies that helps us gain insight into community needs. This ensures our programs are responsive and appropriate.

LivItUp Day Services

A community based program supporting individuals with various types of disabilities in Shelby and Fayette counties. Daily we strive to support people in making choices, lead meaningful lives and become participating members in the community.

Facility Based Services

This service is based at our center and provides support that empowers individuals to acquire, retain, and improve the necessary skills to become more independent and integrated into their communities. Programs focus on vocational and life skills specific to the needs of each individual.

Community Based Services

Community activities that enhance social and educational skills. Hobbies, spectator sports, entertainment, community/career exploration, and companionship with peers are the typical activities in community life.

Personal Assistance

In home assistance that provides activities of daily living, i.e. Bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, meal preparation, and other activities essential to the health and safety of the individual. All assistance is provided by a qualified personal assistant.

Employment Supports

Adults are assisted in finding a job that compliments their skills, interests and abilities. Coordination of support, supervision, and training that allows a meaningful employment position.

Supportive Living Services

Supportive Living Services means a residential services that meets the waiver services definition of Supportive Living. Supportive Living services enhance successful, long term care in a community living and is designed to provide the supportive person with the opportunities to enhance daily living skills, health and safety and participate in meaningful and productive activities.

Why Funding is Essential:

With the financial, social and psychological hardships faced by many families with disabled children, it is crucial that we offer exceptional programming while maintaining a reasonable fee structure for our families. As we have an infinite number of spots in each session, we are striving to offer additional and complimentary programs to our participating families while not creating a cost burden. The funding support will allow us to substantially grow in services and maintain a cost-recovery budget.

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